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Time is Running Out – Get Signed Up Now!

Kingbrook Rural Water System Taking Sign-Ups for Future Expansion Project

To get signed up:

  • Download: 2017 Expansion Project Signup Form
  • Mail your completed form and $100 good intention fee to: Kingbrook Rural Water System, Inc | PO Box 299 | Arlington, SD 57212

Please note: The following information only applies if you wish to have a brand new rural water hook-up within Kingbrook’s system boundaries. If you are a resident of a city with city water or are already a current Kingbrook customer, this does not apply to you unless you would like a hook-up at a property that does not currently have city or rural water within our system boundaries.

The initial October 1, 2015 sign up deadline has come and gone and the response to our upcoming expansion project has been overwhelming. There is still time to sign up for a new service even if you missed the October 1st deadline but a $500 late sign-up fee will be assessed. As mentioned previously, a revised timeline for construction of this project has work beginning in early 2017 and concluding in 2018. If you are interested in a hook-up within Kingbrook’s service area, please fill out the form at the bottom of this notice and return it to our office along with a $100 non-refundable good intention fee  as soon as possible.  The deadline for this late sign up period could occur at any time and without further notice.  If your water service request is not feasible for any reason, we will send your good intention fee back to you.

In the future, we will request an additional $2,900.00 hook-up fee that shall be used for construction and development of your water service up to and including the meter pit. This hook-up fee will be payable in two installments with the first half due once the project is finalized and the final half due after a construction contract is awarded. Exact hook-up fee installment dates are not known at this time. The applicant will be responsible to hire and pay a contractor for any costs associated with construction after the meter pit. The applicant will be obligated to pay for service for a minimum period of three (3) years whether the applicant uses the water or not.

A change regarding pasture tap hook-ups was initiated several years ago that might have an impact upon those applicants applying for pasture taps. Meter pits for pasture taps will be installed not more than 100 feet inside the fence line at the desired location of the service.

At this time, we are also asking that you provide the exact legal description as shown on the deed of where you want the water service. The easiest way to ensure you are providing the exact legal description is to provide a copy of your deed. It should include township number, range number, section number and quarter section (NE, NW, SW, SE) and all other particulars or exceptions.

Please click the link below to download and print the sign-up form. Return your completed form and your $100 good intention fee to PO Box 299, Arlington, SD 57212 immediately. Please call our office toll free for questions or additional details at 1-800-605-5279 or email us at office@kingbrookruralwater.com.

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